Happy New Year and best wishes for an enjoyable 2022. We’ve had a few new students and staff join our WAS team. Please look out for our school newsletters and Facebook posts for information, celebrations and pics.

We currently have a roll of 135 students (Juniors – 85 & Seniors – 50). We wish all our senior students the very best in their 2022 endeavours.

Teaching Staff:

Mr Andrew Pardoe-Burnett – Principal and Hard Materials Teacher.

Mr Richard Bennett – Senior Leadership Year 11-13, Health & PE, Gateway, Net NZ, PB4L coach.

Miss Jasmine Quinn – Senior Leadership Year 9 & 10, English, Home Economics, Food Tech, Te Reo Maori and Languages.

Miss Clare Robinson – Senior Leadership Year 1-8, Year 7&8 Teacher, Bus Controller.

Miss Brooke Anderson – Primary Teacher and on maternity leave from T2 onwards.

Miss Skye Walton – Year 4-6 Teacher.

Mr Chris Wedderburn – Year 2-3 Teacher.

Mrs Donnah Cleaver and Mrs Gemma Bennett – New Entrant -Year 1 Teachers.

Mrs Lisa Redhead – Music, Senior English, Languages and Kapa Haka Teacher.

Mrs Mary Ann McNab – Senior English, Careers, Geography, History & Life Skills Teacher.

Mrs Hannah Wilson – Art, Horticulture and Agriculture Teacher.

Mr Paul Maloney – Maths Teacher, NCEA and Principal’s Nominee.

Mrs Florence Chatelier – Science, Biology & Physics Teacher.

Mrs Chrissy Lampitt – Library and STEAM Teacher.

Mrs Roberta Gover – Home Economics, Senior English and Free Lunches in Schools (FLIS) leader.

Support Staff:

Mrs Charmaine Wedderburn – Office Manager.

Mrs Nina Smith – Office Support and BoT Secretary.

Mr John McNab – Hard Materials.

Mr Warwick Hawley – Property Manager.

Mrs Robyn Stanning, Mrs Mel Templeton, Mrs Rachel Pardoe-Burnett and Mrs Kiwia Howley – Teacher Aides.

Mr Richard Hazle – Lab Technician.

Mrs Jo Flynn and Mrs Paula McLennan – FLIS and Student Support.

Mrs Karen Reid, Mrs Cheryl Baldwin and Mrs Lynley Sheehan – School Cleaners.

Board Of Trustees (BOT):

Honorlea Mangion – BOT Chairperson, Policies and Procedures.

Rachael Poole – Finance and Self-Review.

Keri Potter – Communication / Health & Safety.

Grant Harding– Property.

Dwayne Unahi – supporting until we find a replacement.

Malakai Mangion – Student Rep.

To be nominated – Staff Rep.

School Principal – Andrew PB

Our property upgrades are nearly complete. The gym wall and floor needs to be finished off. Then we’ll be into our next projects – spray painting fences and roof tops, double glazed windows in the primary block and French doors, decking off the primary block and a few other minor improvements.

We’re very excited about what WAS is able to offer our students. We are able to provide a wide range of subject choices in the senior school with Net NZ (online teacher) as an additional option. Our small class sizes, positive NCEA results, student achievement and behaviour progress, teachers knowing their learners and a strong sense of belonging are all proving to be a continual success.

Our Strategic Goals:

Sustaining systems and practices, Free Lunches in Schools – we are managing this ourselves, mental health and well being (Sir John Kirwan’s Mitey) three year approach starting in Term Three, Culturally Responsive approaches and continuing to broaden our students horizons.