Our property upgrades are almost complete. Areas on the radar are: C Block replacement double glazed windows, to build a tennis/netball pavillion/covered area along the main courts and a deck outside the staffroom.

We’re very excited about 2024 (current roll of 147 students) and what WAS is able to offer our students. We are able to provide a wide range of subject choices in the senior school with Net NZ (online teacher) as an additional option. Our small class sizes, teachers knowing their learners and a strong sense of belonging are proving to be an on-going success – our student achievement results continue to be very pleasing. 90% of our NCEA students passed last year.

Strategic Goals: Sustaining partnerships, Mental Health & well-being (Sir John Kirwan’s Mitey) second year programme, Culturally Responsive approaches and continuing on broadening our students horizons through our localised curriculum.

Thank you for your continued support towards WAS – we’re all very proud of your community school.

Teaching Staff

Mr Andrew Pardoe-Burnett – Principal and Hard Materials Teacher.
Mr Richard Bennett – Senior Leadership Year 11-13, Health & PE, Gateway, Net NZ, PB4L coach.
Miss Jasmine Quinn – Senior Leadership Year 7-10, English/SS, SENCO and DP duties.
Miss Clare Robinson – Senior Leadership Year 1-6, Classroom Year 4 Teacher, Bus Controller.
Miss Brooke Anderson – Classroom Release teacher for one-two days a week.
Miss Skye Walton – Year 2&3 Teacher, Te Reo/Tikanga Maori responsibilities.
Mr Chris Wedderburn – Year 5&6 Teacher.
Mrs Donnah Cleaver and Mrs Gemma Bennett – New Entrant -Year 1 Teachers and Mrs Cleaver is also a specialist teacher for a couple of students.
Mr Deon Hourston – Year 7&8 Teacher, Agriculture & Horticulture Teacher.
Mrs Hannah Wilson – Art, Horticulture and Year 7&8 support Teacher.
Mr Paul Maloney – Maths Teacher, NCEA and Principal’s Nominee.
Miss Alicia Davie – Science – Chemistry, Biology & Physics Teacher.
Mrs Roberta Gover – Home Economics, Senior English and Free Lunches in Schools (FLIS) leader.
Miss Jordan Paskell – English and SS Teacher.
Mrs Ines Ferguson – WAS counsellor.
Mr Trevor McIntyre (during Term 2&3) – Alt Education, Careers & relieving.

Support Staff

Mrs Charmaine Wedderburn – Office Manager and Finance.
Ms Nina Smith – Office Support and BoT Secretary.
Mrs Robyn Stanning, Mrs Jo Flynn, Ms Chenille Kennedy, Ms Nina Smith, Mrs Mel Templeton and Mrs Rachel Pardoe-Burnett – Teacher Aides

Mrs Chrissy Lampitt – Library Manager.
Mr Warwick Hawley – Property and Hard Materials.
Mrs Paula McLennan, Mrs Lynette Chambers and Miss Gemma Evans – FLIS.
Mr Richard Hazle – Lab Technician and Science Support.
Mrs Anne-Marie Erskine, Mrs Cheryl Baldwin and Ms Chenille Kennedy –
School Cleaners.
Ms Chenille Kennedy – Lawn mowing.

Board of Trustees (BOT)

Rachael Poole – BOT Chairperson and Finance.
Keri Potter – PTA rep / Policies and Procedures / Self
Matthew McLennan – Regular visits/check ins, Property and H&S.
Raissa Hewton – PTA/Community link, Good Employer/EEO.
Jim Keating – H&S and Property.
Oli Abbott – Student Rep and Student Achievement.
Charmaine Wedderburn – Staff Rep, Self Review and Student Achievement.
Andrew PB – Principal.