Free Lunches in Schools (FLIS) is starting on Monday 08th June 2020. WAS has been fortunate in having this initiative approved where every student has the opportunity to receive a free lunch every day.

Things to Note:

  • This means that all students will be able to receive one hot meal, each day, Mon-Fri.
  • The portion size is the same as the Koha Kai meals in the brown cardboard box.
  • If students want to have their own lunch and not have a FLIS meal then this is ok.
  • A menu will be displayed each week and we’ll hope to put this on our FB & website regularly.
  • Puddings will be available through Koha Kai on Fridays at the same price of $2 – orders done in the morning as per usual. Note; this is the only cost and is optional.
  • All students including high school students are eligible to receive a free lunch.
  • No volunteers are required as we are now following the Ministry FLIS guidelines.
  • Previously, we’ve been working under the Koha Kai guidelines, this no longer exists at WAS.
  • Amber Brass – 020 410 41348 – Is the person in charge of FLIS for Southland.
  • If you have any concerns please ring Mr PB in the first instance.
  • All meals are prepared off site in Invercargill.
  • All meals are delivered to WAS and then cooked and assembled on-site.
  • If you are wanting to request a special meal or/and your child has food allergies please contact Charmaine in the office directly.
  • FLIS will operate out of the school hall kitchen.
  • Any leftover meals will be at the discretion of WAS staff to hand out to others.
  • There is a long term plan around recycling and implementing reusables.
  • The majority of produce comes from Koha Kai market gardens.
  • There are 2 paid positions yet to be confirmed for this initiative.
  • Once WAS has their gardens up and running a goal would be to have a ‘garden to table’ process.
  • There will be minimal waste through this initiative.
  • This initiative is guaranteed for all of 2020 and 2021.

This is very exciting for WAS and our students.

I can feel my tummy rumbling!

Andrew PB
022 475 9607