Waiau Area School Curriculum

Our Vision

At Waiau Area School we work hard to ensure that learning happens for all students, that learning is accurately measured, that evidence is gathered, and most importantly that students and their parents know where they are going next in their learning. Students relish the chance to experience success. It helps establish a desire to learn and builds important learning skills like persistence.

The staff of Waiau Area School have developed curriculum schemes from Year 1-13 that reflect the diverse needs of our students. Learning at Waiau Area School places the student at the centre of their learning. Every decision made by the staff always asks the question, how will this benefit our students. In our classes students should be able to tell you why they are learning as well as what they are doing.

Learning Areas

We have teachers in charge of all 8 learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum. You can find out more about how each areas looks and feels at Waiau Area School, by clicking on the appropriate learning area link below.

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The Arts


Health and Physical Education

Learning Languages



Social Sciences


NCEA (Year 11-13)

NCEA is New Zealand's main national qualification for secondary school students. NCEA is recognised by employers, used for selection by universities and polytechnics.

At Waiau Area School we offer a combination of onsite NCEA level classes and externally provided classes. All of our Year 11-13 courses carry NCEA credits. You can find out more about the courses we offer by clicking on any of the following course booklets and documents.

Agriculture Level 1-3 Course Booklet

Computing Level 1-3 Course Booklet

English Level 1 Course Booklet

English Level 2-3 Course Booklet

Health Level 1 Course Booklet

Home Economics Level 1-2 Course Booklet

Mathematics Level 1-3 Course Booklet

Science Level 1 Course Booklet

National Standards (Year 1-8)

National Standards came into effect for Year 1-8 students in 2010. The standards set clear expectations that students need to meet in reading, writing and mathematics.

At Waiau Area School our Year 1-8 students can expect high quality learning programmes to be offered, that are thoroughly and robustly assessed using the best systems. We report on national standards to parents twice a year through our school reports.

You can view our class pages for the Y1-8 school below to see what exciting things are happening in our junior school.


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Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

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